‘Integrity Initiative’ – New Documents From Shady NGO Released

January 04, 2019

Moon if Alabama

The British Government runs an anti-Russian smear campaign through the pseudo non-government-organization Integrity Initiative. Some person, operating under the ‘Anonymous’ label, obtained internal papers of the Initiative and publishes those in several batches. Moon of Alabama was one of the first sites that analyzed the released papers.

Our last piece https://www.moonofalabama.org/2018/12/the-strange-mind-of-christopher-nigel-donnelly.html  on the Initiative concluded:

After reading through all the released Initiative papers and lists one gets the impression of a secret military intelligence operation, disguised as a public NGO. Financed by millions of government money the Institute for Statecraft and the Integrity Initiative work under a charity label to create and disseminate disinformation to the global public and back into the government and military itself.

Today the Anonymous account released a new batch https://www.cyberguerrilla.org/blog/operation-integrity-initiative-british-informational-war-against-all-part-4/  of some 50 internal Integrity Initiative documents at the Cyber Guerrilla website.

With the new release Anonymous lays out a timeline that connects the Skripal affair in Britain with the activities and personal of the Integrity Initiative. Our last piece had already drawn the Skripal connection to the Initiative, but some of the new documents add to the trail.

The trail starts with a document (pdf), https://www.pdf-archive.com/2018/12/28/sanctions-and-the-russian-federation/  written in January 2015(!), that lays out a plan and options for sanctioning Russia.

We have since seen that several of these planned sanctions have been realized after this or that curious event, like the alleged use of doping by Russian athletes and during the Skripal affair.

It will take some time to analyze the newly released papers and to draw conclusions. If you opt to read them yourself please leave notes on them in the comments.

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Tim Hayward provides a complete list https://timhayward.wordpress.com/2018/12/15/integrity-grasping-the-initiative/  (scroll down) of all articles written so far here and elsewhere about the Integrity Initiative .

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