Trump Is a . . . Agent

Moon of Alabama

 March 30,  2017

Everyone agrees that Trump is an agent. But who’s agent is he? Thousands of words have been spilled discussing the issue. The opinions differ:



The question seems to be difficult.

Luckily we have the paper of record and its eminent next-six-months columnist Thomas Friedman who finally provides the clear and banal answer:

Trump Is a Chinese Agent
I though you would like to know that … it is preposterous nonsense. But what else could one expect from Friedman.

More seriously. My impression is that there is only one person for whom Donald Trump is willing to act as an agent. That person is Donald Trump. So the person Trump works for is not very knowledgeable, not very smart and not very likeable. I would have been nice if the U.S. electorate had had a chance to vote for a better one. But that was – unfortunately – not the case.  The result has to be accepted. Fighting it is useless.

The war on issues has begun.  Could someone go and tell the Democrats?



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