Six Years of Hell for Syria

Ron Paul Institute



Six Years of Hell for Syria

March 16,  2017
Dear Friends of the Ron Paul Institute:

Six years ago one of the last secular Middle East countries saw the gates of hell open onto it. Syria had been home to Christians, Jews, and Muslims of many different sects. All lived in relative calm and mutual respect. But the “Arab Spring,” unleashed with the active participation of President Obama’s “soft power” State Department and its paid proxies, soon upended the entire region and under the guise of modernizing the Middle East turned much of it back six or more centuries to a time when infidels were killed on the spot, women had no rights, and limited civil liberties were traded for no liberties.

First secular Iraq was destroyed, then Libya, with destruction extending to Tunisia, Egypt, and finally Syria.

For Syria the still-prevailing myth is that what started as a peaceful “people power” protest against the authoritarian Assad regime only turned violent when government forces brutally over-reacted to the “pro-democracy” demonstrators. This version, as with much of the mythology around the “Arab Spring,” is demonstrably false.

In fact, we know now from Wikileaks releases that the US State Department had been actively planning the overthrow of the Syrian government since at least 2006. Read the cable,

look at the “possible action” suggestions, then think  about how events transpired. This is not conspiracy theory. It is conspiracy fact.

The US plan goes back even further. A newly declassified document

reveals that the CIA was engaged in destabilization and overthrow plans against Syria some 20 years before the above-mentioned embassy cable!

The “Assad must go” operation was a US operation, in concert with Washington’s Middle East allies (who, ironically, happen to have human rights records that make Assad look like an angel by comparison). Intoxicated with their own fantasies of god-like power to transform complex societies, Washington’s elites helped unleash a war in Syria that killed upwards of half a million people. Millions more were left homeless, triggering the worst refugee crisis since World War II. Beautiful and historic cities were reduced to rubble. The history of a people in the oldest

continuously inhabited cities in the world has been obliterated.

Rather than turn away from such a destructive foreign policy, as he had promised in his campaign, President Trump seems eager to double down on Obama’s folly. On this unhappy anniversary the Washington Post is reporting

that President Trump is planning to send an additional 1,000 US troops onto Syrian soil to join the nearly 1,000 already there. What is it called when you move your military forces into another country against that country’s will? An invasion. What is it called when a US President sends US troops to war without a declaration? Illegal. Impeachable under the Constitution. The neocons have President Trump’s ear. They are not about to let go. As always, when the neocons have their way, disaster ensues.

This is what we are up against.



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