7 high profile, and highly illegal, leaks that the Deep State has orchestrated against President Trump

Deep state saboteurs are breaking laws in an effort to undermine President Trump.

March 15,  2017

Alex Christoforou

The Obama administration, the Hillary Clinton team, the Democrat Party, neocons, and mainstream liberal media are all aligned and working in unison to overthrow President Trump, but no other actor is more powerful and destructive to the US Republic than the intelligence community, and its deep state leakers, whose single goal is to delegitimize Trump’s White House.

So far in 2017, deep state saboteurs have been involved in seven high profile, and highly illegal, leaks…

  1. January 25th:Draft executive order to reopen CIA black sites.
  2. February 2nd:President Trump’s calls with Mexican and Australian leaders.
  3. February 9th:Transcript of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s call with Russian Ambassador.
  4. February 14th:Trump associates’ contacts with Russians.
  5. February 17th:memo suggesting that 100,000 National Guards Troops may round up illegal immigrants.
  6. February 24th:Rex Tillerson’s anti-leak memo.
  7. March 1st:Jeff Sessions’s meeting with Russian Ambassador.



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